Pilates for post-natal women.
How will I benefit?

The Pilates System can help restore your quality of life. At a time when your sole focus is caring for your new little treasure, your own needs are often put on hold.

We aim to create a comfortable space (Virtual due to Covid-19) for post-natal women to re-connect to their bodies and become mindful of the exercises that best nurture them. 

Performing the Pilates repertoire and other specific strengthening and mobility exercises will leave you feeling re-energized and stronger as you go about your daily tasks as a new mother. There is no denying that the post pregnant body is in need of some TLC!


 ✔Improve core and pelvic floor strength. ​

✔Restore healthy movement and explore the role posture plays in moving better. ​

✔Perform exercises to address tight shoulders and lower backs. ​

✔Learn movements designed to increase confidence when caring for a newborn/toddler.

✔Pilates helps release neck and upper back discomfort.

✔Learn targeted breathing techniques to reduce overall stress and anxiety.

✔Connect with other new mothers who have similar goals.


✔Easy access to live online post-natal specific classes. 


✔Flexible weekly class schedule - book the time that suits you and your family!

Benefit from expert instruction at every stage of your recovery journey.

Re-energize and discover your strength today!



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