What we do:


We specialise in Comprehensive, targeted Pilates Instruction and Health & Fitness Coaching for post-natal women in a small group environment.

How will I benefit?

The Pilates System can help restore your quality of life. At a time when your sole focus is caring for your new little treasure, your own needs are often put on hold. 


We create a comfortable space (virtual due to Covid-19) for post-natal women to re-connect to their bodies and become mindful of the exercises that best nurture them. 

Performing the Pilates repertoire and other specific strengthening and mobility exercises will leave you feeling re-energized and stronger as you go about your daily tasks as a new mother.



There is no denying that the post pregnant body is in need of some TLC!


STEP 1 : Book a phone call.

This is an opportunity to ask questions, find out if we can help you and discuss your goals. 


STEP 2 : Meet us.

We delve a little bit deeper into understanding what you are trying to achieve and how you wish to improve your strength, mobility and fitness. We agree on the best course of action and if we are the right fit, we book your first class.




STEP 3 : Start reaping the benefits.

Your progress is our priority! We get you moving better and provide guidance so that in as little as 10 Sessions you start to notice the difference your regular Pilates practice has made to your life. 

Get started, book a phone call ! 

"Be in control of your body and not at its mercy."

Joseph H. Pilates

 ✔ Improve core and pelvic floor strength. ​

✔ Restore healthy movement and explore the role posture plays in moving better. ​

✔ Perform exercises to address tight shoulders and lower backs. ​

✔ Learn movements designed to increase confidence when caring for a newborn/toddler.

✔ Pilates helps release neck and upper back tension.

✔ Learn targeted breathing techniques to reduce overall stress and anxiety.

✔ Connect with other new mothers who have similar goals.


✔ Easy access to live online post-natal specific classes. 


✔ Flexible weekly class schedule - book the time that suits you and your family!

✔ Choose from morning, lunchtime and evening classes.

✔ Benefit from expert instruction at every stage of your recovery journey.


"Change happens through movement and movement heals. "

Joseph H. Pilates

Anna Abubakar

Owner of Pilates Centre, Clontarf, Dublin, 2020

"Alice is a true professional - passionate about her work and her clients' progress. You''ll be in safe hands knowing Alice will have your best interests and goals at the center of her teaching approach. Alice is skilled at giving individual attention to every one in her classes and making you feel safe while you learn not just Pilates but how to take care of your body as you move."

Audrey O'Connor

Auds Pilates, Dublin, 2020

"Alice is an incredible Instructor with a wealth of knowledge around Pilates, particularly Pre-& Post natal Pilates movement and anatomy. You always feel like you are in safe hands in one of Alice's Pilates sessions. She is a beautiful person and you will always leave the mat feeling stronger, more aligned and more confident in your movement."

Adrienne M.

Rathmines, Dublin, 2016

"Alice's classes are brilliant and tough. What I like is that she changes it from week to week and goes around the class to make sure we are all doing the exercises correctly - which is great for me as I have an injury. Alice is one of the best, very friendly, professional and she has a lovely way about her!"



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