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"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."

Joseph H. Pilates

"Pilates is a carefully thought out sequence of movements, performed at a level that matches your ability to perform these exercises well, while aiming to correct  postural imbalances, a common problem of modern day living. "

Unified Pilates

What I do:


I write about Pilates as an Instructor with over 18 Years practical experience, I draw on my specialised knowledge of delivering comprehensive, client specific Pilates Instruction, mat and comprehensive equipment Pilates to diverse types of clients. I delve into the fascinating world of Pilates for various demographics, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, occasional gym goer, an office worker, a busy mum, in your golden years, a couch potato or an athlete, Pilates is for everyone!


Over the years, I have always designed every one of my sessions with a client-focused approach to teaching this method. I aim to deliver a blog that shines a light on the various forms of Pilates, from contemporary to classical and everything in between.

How will you benefit from a regular Pilates practice?

The Pilates method teaches participants how to achieve balanced muscular development, efficient movement patterns, how to strengthen their core and improve balance and coordination. Some of the research on Pilates is slowly starting to emerge, and I am excited to not only get stuck in but also to be able to share this with you and hope that I can bring some Pilates magic into your life.

The Pilates repertoire incorporates full body movements, engages the mind and brings awareness to how you move. Pilates focuses on incorporating the breath in every movement, paying attention to each exercise to achieve flow and rhythm. 


Understanding good form and being able to perform the exercises with precision and efficiency comes with practice. 

What does Pilates teach you? 

 ✔ Explore healthy movement and understand the role posture plays in moving better. ​

✔ Improve core and pelvic floor strength. ​

✔ Perform exercises to address tight shoulders and lower backs. ​

✔ Learn movements designed to improve your posture and joint range


of motion. 

✔ Pilates helps release neck and upper back tension.

✔ Learn targeted breathing techniques to reduce overall stress and


anxiety. Pilates teaches you to move with ease and flow, releasing any


unnecessary tension. 

✔ I take pride in teaching authentic Pilates and understand when it's necessary to apply contemporary approaches. 

 ✔ I have earned a comprehensive and internationally

accredited Pilates certification and base my writing on extensive practical experience in health and fitness as well as Pilates.


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Anna Abubakar
Owner of Pilates Centre, Clontarf, Dublin, 2020

"Alice is a true professional - passionate about her work and her clients' progress. You''ll be in safe hands knowing Alice will have your best interests and goals at the center of her teaching approach. Alice is skilled at giving individual attention to every one in her classes and making you feel safe while you learn not just Pilates but how to take care of your body as you move."

Sheila Forde, Galway, 2021

"I’ve completed some of the post-natal classes with Alice over the past few weeks and can see differences in my strength and form already. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging and no two classes are the same which I love! I’m looking forward to attending her ‘in person’ classes post Covid."

Audrey O'Connor

Auds Pilates, Dublin, 2020

"Alice is an incredible Instructor with a wealth of knowledge around Pilates, particularly Pre-& Post natal Pilates movement and anatomy. You always feel like you are in safe hands in one of Alice's Pilates sessions. She is a beautiful person and you will always leave the mat feeling stronger, more aligned and more confident in your movement."

Anne Marie Collins, Cork, 2021


I started postnatal pilates via zoom about 3 months ago with Alice as I had alot of lower back and hip pain which was really affecting my everyday life after having my 4th baby. 

Initially I found Alice to be very client focused and enthusiastic, she discussed with me in detail what did I want to achieve from the class prior to me signing on.  

3 months on, my hip and lower back pain is completely gone and I'm starting to feel so much stronger in my core.

Alice is very knowledgeable and passionate about pilates and makes sure to describe in detail every exercise, what impact it has on the body and correct my posture immediately if necessary.  

Every class is different and dynamic and the class sizes are kept small to ensure that we get the most out of every class. 

I would highly recommend Alice's classes to everyone!"

Adrienne Murphy.

Rathmines, Dublin, 2016

"Alice's classes are brilliant and tough. What I like is that she changes it from week to week and goes around the class to make sure we are all doing the exercises correctly - which is great for me as I have an injury. Alice is one of the best, very friendly, professional and she has a lovely way about her!"

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