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Mother and Baby
Post Natal Pilates

Location: On-demand

U.P. Foundation/Restorative This level is aimed at women who are 6 weeks plus post-natal, 12 weeks post C-section and have been cleared by their doctor to commence exercise. There is a focus on:

  1. Breath work

  2. Releasing tension in the body 

  3. Gently working on correcting the changes in the body

  4. Re-establishing pelvic floor engagement/health and exploring its role in healthy movement. 

  5. Building 360°core strength

  6. Creating better awareness of posture and modifying habits


By attending regular classes you will gain overall muscular strength, build a flexible spine and strong core for functional fitness, necessary for looking after a growing baby/toddler. There is an emphasis on posture as this is a busy time caring for a growing baby and many new challenges and changes may impact the new mum at this stage.

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Mat Community Classes 

Location: Studio & On- demand 
Coming soon!

U.P. Level 1 Mat Pilates

This class is excellent for anyone who is new to Pilates or has practiced Pilates before and is returning to their practice following a break. Participants learn the beginner repertoire to increase core strength, stability and mobility and addressing any muscular and postural imbalances or weaknesses. 

Participants get familiar with the role breath plays in moving better. All movements originate from the core.

We learn to use our core unit to create efficient graceful and balanced movement. 

Participants are educated to move with optimal pelvic and scapular positioning to create stability and strength. 

Exercises are performed to target the mobility of the spine, moving the spine gently through its various ranges of motion. 

Stretching Together
Private Equipment Pilates  

Location: Studio

Coming soon!

Private Pilates Sessions are ideal for clients who cannot attend Community Classes or who would like to benefit from targeted instruction to address specific weaknesses or rehabilitate from injury. 

Private Sessions are suitable for clients of all levels and abilities. A tailored approach to restoring optimum posture, addressing specific areas and postural imbalances is taken. 


Clients who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method or who are rehabilitating from injury are also suited to private sessions. 

  • 45 min Session

  • Book online 

  • Submit an application form and we will get in touch. 

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