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Post Pregnancy Pilates - a gentle start to movement. 

The first four to six weeks / four to twelve weeks post C-section, you will most likely be in the care of a women's health medical professional or physiotherapist and follow their guidelines. A good place to start on your own, once you have been cleared to exercise, is post-natal pilates.


I am a mum, a fitness professional and comprehensive Pilates teacher, so I understand the challenge of returning to movement safely following childbirth. These 5 exercises are easy to fit into your day, perhaps around nap times so that you can recharge your batteries. 

Getting started is often the hardest part of this journey but what if I told you that as little as 10 min a day could have a tremendous effect on your well-being as a new mum. I go into a bit more details on this in my blog article here.

During the early months, most women will present with a diastasis recti and it is beneficial to know how much of a separation you have. Your physio can check this for you typically in your 8-12 week post-natal check up. 


 Post-pregnancy movement will get you to focus on:​​

  • Breath work

  • Releasing tension in the body 

  • Gently correcting the changes in the body

  • Re-establishing pelvic floor engagement/health and exploring its role in healthy movement. 

  • Learning the do's and dont's for a diastasis recti. 

  • Building 360°core strength

  • Creating better awareness of posture and modifying habits


Please consult with your doctor prior to starting post-natal exercise and get a diastasis check. The below exercises are safe for clients with a diastasis (more than one finger width separation). 

Log roll onto your side and use your arms and legs to roll as one unit onto your back. 

1) Supine and/or side-lying decompression breathing - free your ribs and spine

2) Pelvic floor strengthening and abdominal work 

3) Pelvic curl & pelvic clock

4) Inner thigh squeeze and pelvic curl

5) Clamming to find the multifidus and add some leg movements

While these exercises offer a gentle approach to reintroducing movement, it is advised to wait until you are at least 12 weeks post-natal, have been cleared to commence exercise by a medical professional and focus on gently movement and breath work. Creating too much abdominal pressure too soon can create problems further down the road, so it makes sense to lay the groundwork before you rush back to the gym or a traditional Pilates class and ensure you have built a good baseline of support. 

Before you begin, find a space in your home that is bright, warm and cosy, a space where you know you can relax. You will require two towels, one small, one large, a large scarf and a pillow. 

Let's get started! 

Clams Video: Remember to go back to the start of your clams exercise, switch to your other side and repeat the exercise. 

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