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The 4 Questions to ask a Pilates Teacher prior to signing up.

Pilates is not a quick fix.

Like most forms of exercise, the benefits are earned and directly related to how much time we dedicate to our practice. You don’t sign up for gym membership, never go and expect to run the New York marathon in 6 Months time or take part in a Crossfit competition, do you? Most people are aware of the many ways in which Pilates can strengthen their core and other smaller stabilising muscle groups, how it improves balance and coordination. It is no secret that Pilates improves your posture, thus encouraging optimal alignment and a more flexible spine.

I just love getting feedback from my clients on how they are getting on and I ask for it, often! If they tell me that they are feeling stronger, their pain has disappeared, they are now able to move with ease, I have to say that that is great to hear although I won’t take an ounce of credit for it. I take it as a given outcome if they have consistently shown up for class, if they are fully present during class, challenge themselves, take direction and enjoy the experience. You can probably guess that I am the type of teacher who has evolved and grown an additional set of eyes in the back of their head. I SEE YOU!

What my clients put in, stands in direct relationship to what they get out of their practice. If I am so confident that clients will achieve what they came to me for, why do I ask? What stands in the way of progress are often all the subjective and intangible things of delivering a service, and they are on me!

I want to make sure my clients enjoy their experience with me, they find it easy to connect with me, they can conveniently manage their class bookings, payments and know what to expect. Clients like my way of describing the exercises, respond well to my cues, enjoy the music, atmosphere in the Studio, to name just a few considerations. Checking in with clients regularly, keeps us moving in the right direction and measures the excellence of the service I provide.

Regardless of the many reasons that prompt a client to seek out a Pilates Teacher, it almost always is a communication that lasts a couple of months or even longer. You, the client have to be willing and able to devote time and effort to be on track for success. I take my clients time and effort seriously, because we all lead busy lives, so I want to make sure we are the right fit for one another.

What style and delivery of Pilates instruction is right for me?

With the popularity of Pilates and equipment based Pilates, on-demand , live-stream, online virtual or in person Studio Classes growing, clients will become more aware of the different styles that are commonly taught. You will also be facing the decision of which type of delivery best serves your goals. No matter what style you chose, it should get you excited about attending. Is it a style that you love or will grow to love? With so many fantastic Teachers out there, everyone brings a different skill set to the table and perhaps a slightly different way of looking at the body. As a Teacher with over 17 Years practical experience, I can undoubtedly say that no two clients are ever the same. I believe that we are in the business of enriching peoples lives, enabling them to move well in every day life and prevent or navigate an injury or postural adaptation.

Many different teaching modalities can achieve all these outcomes for you, but which of them do you enjoy? Why do you go back to class every week? Perhaps you like how the teacher interacts with the class, perhaps you like their unique personality, the way the studio looks, their tone of voice, the knowledge and experience they bring, style of teaching or their ability to inspire and motivate you to do better each class? Maybe it’s none of these and you just want a few exercises to solve your back pain?

Knowledge is essential.

Your Teacher’s Qualifications are a prerequisite and if you would like to know where they obtained their Teaching Qualification, please do ask. I take it as a given that Teachers of the method, regardless of which accredited Training Provider certified them, teach according to Joseph H. Pilates’s movement principles, which is why we give ourselves or business the name ‘Pilates’. Personally, I am devoted to keeping Joseph’s legacy alive. I align my teaching with staying authentic to the essentials of his method in the hope that he would approve if he were alive. I simply owe it to the man for using his name. I am a Pilates Teacher.

Here are the 4 Questions:

  1. Why do you teach Pilates?

  2. What type of Pilates do you teach? Is it Classical or Contemporary and why do you teach that way?

  3. How long will it take until I reap the benefits and what will I learn?

  4. How would your Clients describe their class experience with you in 3 words?

I hope that these questions will help someone fall in love with Pilates. I hope they will get you one step closer to finding the perfect Teacher for you.

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