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​How is Unified Pilates different from a regular Pilates class?

Our virtual sessions take place in a semi private group environment where you will be connecting with participants with similar goals, so we can really focus on your unique Pilates journey. Our classes aim to not just teach you movement and provide guidance, but also to connect as a group, albeit virtually.


We work with clients who’s goals align with ours and who are committed to their journey towards healthy movement and greater body awareness . Our clients understand that lasting results are not achieved from a quick fix solution but as a result of dedication to one’s practice.

Post natal classes:

The needs of and indeed demands on the newly post pregnant body are individual, and so is our approach to addressing what your body requires at this time. These needs will change as you progress through the Pilates repertoire and we are with you on this journey to support and help every step of the way so you can focus on the new little person in your life and feel reassured that your strong Pilates body is in the making. 


Our groups allow the Instructor to focus on YOU and provide exactly the right movement sequences to address common issues that may surface post pregnancy. There are many great exercises we learn in a regular Pilates or other gym classes and some of these especially some core strengthening sequences are not suitable to the newly post-pregnant client. Some may not be until you have reached the nine month plus post-partum mark.


Our solution offers long term results and lasting changes and is uniquely customised.



Many post-natal women experience the following on a daily basis:

  • Tight hips and excessive anterior Pelvic Tilt due to carrying your baby for 9 months

  • Tight lower back

  • Weak Pelvic Floor

  • Postural adaptations contributing to weakness and pain

  • Weak Hamstrings and Posterior chain

  • Weak and stretched out abdominal muscles

  • Weak musculature surrounding your pelvis and hips

  • Tight neck, shoulders and chest, poor upper back posture

  • Tight calves/ankles and bottom of your feet

If this sounds like you, then get in touch!

What if I am in pain? Will I benefit?


That depends. As with any other exercise programme, you will require prior clearance to exercise from your Health Care Professional.  If you have been cleared to exercise but experience pain with movement, we recommend you see a suitable medical professional who can treat the causes of your pain. If you wish, we can work closely with your Physical Therapist or Women’s Health Professional in order to get you moving pain free.

I have taken Pilates classes in the past and exercise regularly, will I still be required to start with Post natal classes?

There is a short and long answer. The short one is, yes. We often don’t recognise how much attention our body needs post natal and even if you fly through the classes, by performing the restorative exercises, you will build a much stronger foundation that is sure to stand to you in the long run and in more challenging sequences. The first three months after delivery are your fourth trimester as your body is healing, so you should focus on functional well-being and strengthening of your inner unit. Depending on your birthing experience and how well your body is healing, you may be required to spend several months on restoring your strength and building healthy movement patterns. I am always happy to discuss how you feel in more detail as we are all unique and different factors outside of our classes may impact how you are progressing through the classes.

I have been doing my Pelvic Floor and TA exercises during pregnancy and in the first 6 -12 weeks post pregnancy, is that not enough?

That is fantastic and we would encourage you to continue these exercises often outside of classes too. Women who are dedicated to their pelvic floor work while pregnant and shortly after are less likely to get stretch marks and may show a smaller separation of the abdominal wall (diastasis). There are many other exercises that will educate you on how your pelvic floor work co-ordinates with other movements and how you can continue to re- build overall abdominal strength and correct your pregnant body posture.  We are excited to explore these together in class.

Do I require any specialised equipment or props prior to joining the classes?

No, initially we will work with what you already have in your home. You will require towels, a sufficiently padded exercise mat for comfort and other items as instructed. As you progress through the levels, you may benefit from several props, such as exercise bands, a Swiss ball, Yoga blocks, light weights, a Gurdi ball and if you already own one or more Pilates props we may utilise these in class. These props are sufficient while we are trying to keep you safe and navigate through this current Covid-19 environment and while our classes are required to be delivered virtually. Comprehensive Pilates programming often utilises specific Pilates equipment that uniquely supports and/or challenges the body. This equipment consists of: The Reformer, the Cadillac/Tower, the Spine Corrector, the Pilates Chair amongst others.

I have never consistently followed an exercise programme or haven't worked out in years, is Unified Pilates right for me?

Absolutely, yes. Pilates is suitable and can be equally challenging for the super fit sports person or aspiring super fit person. There is so much to learn about your own body and because you move at a pace that feels comfortable for you, you will be amazed at how incredible you will feel after each session. Pilates has the ability to provide exactly what you need, a slow and controlled workout or perhaps some movement that requires a bit more energy and lets you feel the potential of each and every muscle in your body. Pilates has you covered!

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