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Post Pregnancy Pilates - Early Recovery

The first four to six weeks / four to twelve weeks post C-section:


I am a mum as well as a Fitness Professional, so I understand the challenge of returning to movement safely following childbirth. These 5 exercises are easy to fit into your day, perhaps around nap times so that you can recharge your batteries. 


Please consult with your doctor prior to starting post-natal exercise and get a diastasis check. The below exercises are safe for clients with a diastasis (more than one finger width separation). 

Log roll onto your side and use your arms and legs to roll as one unit onto your back. 

1) Supine and/or side-lying Decompression Breathing - Free your ribs and spine

2) Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Abdominal Work

3) Pelvic Curl & Pelvic Clock

4) 360 degrees Hundred Breathing (learn how the pelvic diaphragm, transverse and multifidus work together)

5) Clamming to find the multifidus and add some leg movements

These 2 Sessions are designed for Women who are 4-12 weeks post-natal and focus on gently movement and breath work prior to joining our 12 Week Programme or attending virtual live Post Natal Pilates Sessions. 


Before you begin, find a space in your home that is bright, warm and cosy, a space where you know you can relax. You will require two towels, one small, one large, a large scarf and a pillow. 

Let's get started! 

12 Weeks ON- DEMAND Post-Pregnancy Pilates Course 

This Course is aimed at Women who are 6 weeks plus post-natal, 12 weeks post C-section and have been cleared by their doctor or Womens Health Physiotherapist to commence a focused post-natal exercise programme.


There is a focus on:​​

  • Breath work

  • Releasing tension in the body 

  • Gently working on correcting the changes in the body

  • Re-establishing pelvic floor engagement/health and exploring its role in healthy movement. 

  • Building 360°core strength

  • Creating better awareness of posture and modifying habits

  • Plus much more!

If you have been struggling to reverse your pregnant posture, release stress and improve core strength and mobility, then we have the solution! In our Pilates classes, we will guide you through the exercises so you can increase your confidence and joy for movement.

Getting back to fitness, feeling healthy, creating good posture habits while caring for a newborn or toddler can be tough but with the correct exercise sequencing, progressive 30 min on-demand Sessions that consistently help you towards your health & fitness goals– it becomes much easier. 


If you’re frustrated and unclear how to go about reversing the pregnant posture, how to increase your activity level safely and eliminate some aches and pains, then look no further.  We know you have the potential to improve your Core/Pelvic Floor strength and work on rebuilding overall strength and mobility, necessary for looking after a newborn or toddler and return to your sport with more confidence. 


We are devoted to helping you regain your confidence, take time out to breathe and relax and get back to feeling yourself again.  At Unified Pilates, you are not just a number, your goals and progress are our priority! 

Join our unique Post Pregnancy Pilates Course today!

✔️36 Sessions over the Course of 12 Weeks

3 X 30 min Sessions per week


These pre-recorded Sessions are accessed via your Member login on our website and progressive in nature. With 3 Sessions per week, you'll have plenty of choice. 


You will require the following props at home:

  • 2 Towels, one small, one large

  • Pillow 

  • 1 Rebozo scarf or large soft scarf

  • Stability / Exercise Ball & Gurdi Ball (small Pilates Ball approx. 23cm)

  • sufficiently padded Exercise mat 

12 Week online Programme Cost: €279 

We recommend you attend at least one virtual post - natal live sessions per week so we can provide you with guidance and make recommendations where you may ned them. This feedback can be very beneficial in helping your progress on the Course. . 


✔️Virtual weekly post-natal class 

Conveniently book your classes with only 30 min notice via our member's booking system and Zoom integration. You can also re-schedule with up to 4 hrs notice prior notice. 

Live Virtual classes are great for checking in with us to see how you are progressing. 

The benefit of attending live classes is that you can move through the sequenced exercises while receiving feedback and individual attention and reassurance that you are on the right track to re-gaining your strength. 

Post Natal Class: €25

4 Post Natal Classes: €79

We are so excited to assist your on your Recovery and Post-Pregnancy Pilates Journey!

Please submit your interest in the 12 Week Programme or/and Post natal Virtual Session and we will be in touch to get you all set up. If you would like to check out our Blog section where we provide you with tips and advice on post-pregnancy movement. We require a Health Intake Form to be submitted to us prior to joining our live Sessions. 

Speak soon! 


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