• 17+ Years practical teaching experience working for Fitness Industry Leaders in Ireland 
  • Specialising in post natal Pilates and comprehensive Equipment Pilates
  • Over 2,000 study hours – Mat,  Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, the Spine Corrector, the Pilates Chair
  • Comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates Instructor and Comprehensive Pre & Post Natal Specialist (London), NTC Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise and Health Coach 
  • Over 10,000 practice hours and 5 years experience working with pre & post natal clients

Unified Pilates was founded by Pilates and Fitness Professional, Alice Connaire. With a background in Health & Exercise Studies, Personal Training and Fitness Management, Alice has been teaching Pilates to clients of diverse abilities and levels since 2003 while working for Reformer Pilates Studios and Gyms in Dublin. She applies her knowledge to achieve the most enjoyable and beneficial movement experience for her clients and has also helped pre & post natal women move better since 2013. 

Passionate about the depth of exploration the Pilates repertoire has to offer, Alice never stops learning and honing her skills. Having rehabilitated from hip surgery, she immersed herself in further pre & post natal comprehensive study. Experiencing the challenges a post-natal journey can bring first hand, following the birth of her daughter, she has grown ever more aware of the physical challenges new mums are facing. 

With over 2,000 study hours, international comprehensive Pilates certifications and over 10,000 practice hours, there is no denying that Alice, breathes, sleeps and eats Pilates. 


“I make it my priority to allow each and every client of mine to feel comfortable with the body they are in, to appreciate their Pilates journey for the beautiful gift that they have made to themselves. This means taking time out to explore how you move and understand how our lifestyle choices and life’s challenges impact our mind and body every day.

I will simply give you the tools you need, when you need them to navigate through this and trust that, you in turn, will commit to yourself fully during these sessions. You will be amazed at how much better you feel after only 10 sessions.


Unified Pilates is not a Bootcamp class or ‘sweat it out type large group fitness class’ where we demand you give‘5 more reps’. To us, you are not just a number, your goals and progress are our priority. Pilates will challenge your stability and strength from the inside out. You will leave your classes feeling stronger and more aware of your every day movements, more posture aware and energised to take on the day ahead.


As if this wasn't reason enough to get excited, you will also find yourself entering a zone of complete focus and concentration, thus reducing stress and calming the mind. I am excited to embark on this fun journey with you! “